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School Website Design Tips and Inspirations

A website design is not just about what looks good. It is also how the design works to convey the message appropriately. Websites are being designed for different kinds of institutions. Unfortunately websites that are designed for educational institutions, especially schools, have failed to make their mark. Neither have they been able to score high on the design factor nor have they been able to meet customer needs.

A sophisticated school website should be a combination of compelling content and visual excellence. It should appeal to parents, students, faculties and the community at large. Today we highlight a few tips on how to make your school website design appealing and informative. 

Tourism High School of Agadir

Tourism High School of Agadir


One of the key features of a school website should be consistency. From the font size to the colors used, everything should be similar. The website should be easily recognized as a single brand.

Mount barker High School

Mount barker High School

Interactive Sections

A modern-day school website cannot afford to be static. A school website should function as a nodal point where students and teachers can directly interact outside the classrooms. There can be several sections you can include in the website –

  • Homework Board

    A dedicated section for the teachers and students to communicate on a virtual space. Teachers can use this space to post assignments and also make important announcements. The parents can also be witness to the work being done by their children.

  • Students’ Section

    It can be a section purely meant for the students to showcase their talent. Students can upload their creative work here, such as, videos, poems, articles etc. The larger community directly and indirectly engaged with the schools can view the section.

  • Online Registration

    Making registrations for different extra-curricular activities online is one of the progressive steps a school can take. From session registration to participation in school activities, parents can make immediate online payments for various academic requirements.

Tyler School of Art

Tyler School of Art

Responsive Design

A school website has to be designed so that parents, teachers and other community members can easily have access to important information about the school from anywhere. Since we are talking about people who are always on the go, it is important to design a website that is responsive and can be viewed on multiple devices. A good responsive website should be readable and usable in a desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. A responsive website automatically resizes and reformats pages to fit the device being used for viewing the website.


Social Media Integration

A school website cannot undermine the power of the social media. Thus the website should be integrated with social media accounts so that a stronger connection with the community is built. It should also be noted that social media integration makes it easier to share content.


Streamline Pages

The school website design should be such that viewers can easily locate different sections. Sections highlighting the school calendar, contact directory, students’ creativity, teachers’ interaction etc. are essential. A good website design is one where all the pages are properly streamlined and arranged for easy viewing.


Alumni Section

The pride of every school is the alumni. A school website should thus have a dedicated section for the alumni who have made the institution proud in various fields. This way the alumni can feel connected with the school and also participate in activities and fundraisers.


Picture Gallery

So what you are designing a website for an academic institution? A photo gallery will spice up the design and make it attractive. It will also attract more viewers. However it is essential to regularly post fresh pictures of school activities and events to increase the traffic.

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