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Church Website Design Inspiration & Tips

Most often when you come across a church website it fails to create a lasting impressive. Either the website is outdated or the content poorly presented. It can be easily understood that the website was created on the spur of a moment (probably on someone’s suggestion) and was updated again. This obviously doesn’t work anymore.

Church plays a very important role in the society and they need to reach out to the different kinds of people. Creating an attractive website helps in many ways. If you are planning to re-work on your church website, here are a few things you have to keep in mind. 

Emmanuel Covenant

Emmanuel Covenant

Simple and Clutter-Free Design

One of the first rules of website design is to get the look right. For a church website, it can be achieved by making the website simple and clutter-free. It is important that you do not overload the site, especially the homepage with too much information. Create a visual impact by laying emphasis on the color tones, themes etc. Text should be an important component but not the primary one.

Freedom Church

Freedom Church

Know Your Target Audience

You have to be very clear on why you want a website for the church. What is the purpose of the website and most importantly, whom are your targeting? Do you want the website to be an informative center so that your members can easily find out about programs and schedules? Or are you targeting new visitors to show them what your ministry is all about and how you propagate your ideas and vision?

Calvary Church in Souderton

Calvary Church in Souderton

Engaging Sections

Do not make the mistake to think that an impressive home page will be enough to continuously drive the traffic to your church website. It is equally important that you make the other pages interesting and engaging. Take special care to make the ‘About Us’ page interesting. Your visitors should be easily able to know who you are and what your beliefs are. You can also include more information about the various people associated with the church and tell their stories too.


Go for Premium Themes

A good website design should not be dependent on free themes. Though we understand that cost can be a major consideration while designing a website, try to stretch the budget so that you can get a premium theme that best suits your church. Try to re-create the church’s design on the online platform. You can hire a professional designer who can easily grasp your requirement and deliver according to your expectations.

LOFT City Church

Make The Website Mobile Friendly

More people are browsing the Internet from hand-held devices. If you want to reach to this growing section of people, it is essential that you make the church website mobile friendly. If you are unsure on how to make the website mobile friendly, take the help of online tools such as Buildicus which does the necessary tweaking to make the site look good on multiple devices. With ready help in hand, you can easily concentrate on making a great website.


Tell Stories That Interest

A church website is not just another website. It needs to make a connection with the people. Every church will undoubtedly have an interesting story to share, you too would. You can easily do so by telling interesting stories about your ministry. But instead of just writing these stories, make ample use of photographs and videos so as to make the stories interesting.

A church is a place where people find peace. Your website should help people reach the doors of the church easily. Make the website an interesting place for young and old to interact. They should also be able to get relevant information about the church.

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